Super Delicious! Quick and Easy Purees Made With “Superfoods”


As your baby starts to eat more solids, you’re going to want to give them the most nutrient-packed foods possible; aka, superfoods! Superfoods are loaded with nutrients that promote development and are healthy and safe for baby to eat.

First, make sure that your baby is ready to start solids. Follow these best practices to make sure your baby stays safe:

    Check with a healthcare provider before starting them on solid foods. Your baby is typically ready to begin some pureed food when they can sit up while supported, around 4-6 months.
    Wait 3 days between new foods. For example, if you introduce your baby to a new food on Monday, don’t give them any other new foods until Thursday. That way if they have an allergic reaction or any other negative effects, it can be easier to find out which food was the cause.
    If your baby is just starting out with food (an “early eater”), make sure the food is pureed. Purees are often made by cooking food to soften it, letting it cool, and putting it in the blender or food processor. The texture should be very liquid-like, similar to a thin soup.
    If your baby has some experience with eating (an “experienced eater”), they may also be able to ingest thoroughly mashed foods. The result will be slightly thicker than a puree. Remember to only feed your baby thicker foods if their doctor says they are ready.

Here’s a chart of some of our “super” favorites.