5 Different Activities for 6 Lines of Tape

thermokoitida zois

What can be done with some lines of tape?
1. Jump, of course!
The original way we did it, jumping from the first line and seeing how far they could jump.

2. Jump backwards
Same as number 1, just doing it backwards.

3. Jump with one foot
George has been practicing this at school a lot, so it was fun to bring it into this activity. He can definitely jump on one foot, but not very far (mostly in place).

4. How far can you stretch?
Starting with your foot on the first line, see how far you can stretch with your other foot while keeping your first foot in place.

5. How far can you reach?
Start by standing on the first line and then bending over to touch the next line with your hands. Then walk forward with your hands, seeing how far your can reach.

+1. How long are you?
Measure yourself! Lay down and see how long you are.

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