Learn the Vital Importance of Gross Motor Development

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The Big Deal about Gross Motor Development
Why is developing gross (or large) motor skills so important for children? A little background about my family: We recently moved 30 miles out of the city to a beautiful town on the edge of the mountains. We live on six acres. We moved to give our young children (4, 3 and due 5/1) all the opportunity to explore the world through the lens of nature. Even with plenty of trees to climb and trails to hike, we opted to add a play structure, tree stumps and recycled rubber tires to our outdoor space. This year the boys also get their own garden plot to plant whatever they wish (even if my 3 year old wants to grow chocolate, we will find a way). The outdoors provide an amazing sensory experience rich for development. The outdoors provide room to truly develop gross motor skills in our budding children.

What is gross motor development so important?

  • Health ? obvious benefits of exercise to the body and mind, more specifically
  • Confidence & Self Esteem ? important in childhood, yes, but arguably a more important life skill
  • Ability to Assess Risk ? another important life skill, not only with physical well being but with taking risks in life with decision making
  • Energy Release ? physical, social and emotional
  • Brain Development ? the early years lay the foundation of brain pathways for lifelong motor skills and aids in learning, especially learning skills that require advanced thinking and mental dexterity

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