Oral motor sensory activities for kids

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Do you have a kid who chews on everything and/or has to put everything in their mouth? My oldest son does. He is constantly seeking oral sensory input. Meanwhile, I tire of hearing myself repeat, "Stop chewing that." Since he has a high oral motor needs, we have to incorporate a variety of oral motor activities into our day. Here are 24 oral motor activities to try with kids who love to chew.

I have also included a free printable list of these activities so that you can print them off and reference them throughout the day. And I've even included some great chewy toy suggestions for those kids who need constant oral sensory input, such as my son.


The best way to give your oral sensory seeking kid the oral input they need is to provide a variety of textures and flavors at snack and meal times. Be sure to offer new foods on a regular basis. Here are some oral motor activities that can be done during snack time or meal time.

  1. Eat hard foods (e.g., carrots, apple, radishes, etc.)
  2. Eat chewy foods (e.g., celery, beef jerky, marshmallows, dried fruit, etc.)
  3. Eat crunchy foods (e.g., nuts, crackers, dry cereal, toast, etc.)
  4. Drink a frozen drink like a slush or slurpee
  5. Drink through a narrow and/or twisty straw
  6. Drink a thick liquid through a straw (e.g., milkshake, applesauce, pudding, etc.)
  7. Make an edible necklace with cereal or candy
  8. Chew gum
  9. Eat foods with strong flavors
  10. Suck on hard candies
  11. Eat cold foods like popsicles or ice cream


There are lots of simple oral motor activities that you can do without specific toys. A lot of these suggestions work great for when you're in the car, waiting in line at the grocery store, in the classroom, etc.

  1. Blow cheeks
  2. Blow bubbles
  3. Stick out your tongue
  4. Blow bubbles in water using a straw
  5. Play straw games (e.g., snowball oral motor games or use a straw to blow a pom pom across the table)
  6. Blow a whistle, harmonica, or other instruments - Try the musical imitation oral motor game
  7. Blow out candles
  8. Vibrating toothbrush
  9. Lick stamps
  10. Roll tongue into a circle
  11. Chew toys - See more oral motor toy suggestions here or make your own DIY chewelry
  12. Whistle or hum a song
  13. Blow up balloons

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