Tummy time milestones every new parent should know

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Unless you've been hiding under a rock, odds are you've heard how important Tummy Time is for your baby's development (and perhaps you've heard a little Tummy Time controversy as well!).

But maybe you're like most parents and assume that Tummy Time is just about neck strength.

Because I'm a huge child development nerd, I love sharing with parents a glimpse of what's really going on with their babies in Tummy Time...and parents love it, too! It's like uncovering a whole secret world of skills your baby has that you otherwise would have missed.

Understanding your baby's milestones in Tummy Time can help you more confidently and creatively play in ways that match your little nugget's unfolding abilities. It can also give you a nice idea if your baby is on track with other milestones - like rolling and crawling.

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