Self Regulation Skills Curriculum ? Move, Work, Breathe

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As a part of your school's positive behavior supports or IEPs, are you working to teach self-regulation skills? Do you have have children who need tier II and tier III interventions for sensory or emotional-behavioral issues? Do you want to designate an area in your room or school where you go with children to teach self-awareness skills and self-regulation strategies? Are you always trying to 'calm down' active and restless children so they can do academic tasks? Do you want to track data on what strategies were used and what the results of your interventions were? Do you want your children to learn what helps them to calm down when they are restless, angry, or upset? If you are using a sensory space or self-regulation space do you want to improve consistency with para-professional staff carryover and adherence to your programming? Do you want kids to take what they learn in a sensory room and have specific strategies to use in their classrooms?

Move~Work~Breathe is a self-regulation curriculum designed by a school based occupational therapist, Thia Triggs. It can be used with elementary age children with Autism, Emotional Behavioral Disturbance, Intellectual Disabilities, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Sensory Disregulation, and more. This curriculum provides an effective, time-efficient structured system to provide classroom breaks, improve self-awareness and self advocacy and teach specific self-regulation skills so that kids have tools to use in their classrooms. This system will get kids moving, give them the benefits of a brain power boost [from getting their heart rate up], give them heavy work and isometrics to help them calm down, and help them learn techniques to quiet and control their bodies in order to return to their academic work.

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